Founded in 2015, IMPOSSIBLE BRIEF is a multi-disciplinary design and production studio based in London specializing in graphic design, branding, music videos, motion graphics, interactive technologies, and bespoke solutions for brands, agencies, record labels, iconic musical artists, and influencers.
Forged in the French Pyrenees, JAMES ZWADLO eventually made his way to the promised land of advertising: London! After a short-lived stint as a full-time designer, he decided that the streets of Soho were waiting to be discovered and therefore ended up freelancing for many happy years until he finally found his company soul-mate in fellow cashew enthusiast CHRIS LEVETT .
Nowadays he spends time enjoying the freedom to express himself in the 3rd person as he tells tales of projects past. He enjoys having creative freedom to explore his passions in design, directing, photography and playing Halo. Future ambitions of working with fellow name-sake Jay-Z and owning a small archipelago are as yet unattained, but till then he will enjoy working with his clients to produce some banging work (hopefully).
Having successfully shortened his surname down to one syllable by the age of 3, LEV continued to blaze trails in the academic system till finally graduating University with a degree in Engineering & product design. He finally met James on the online battlefields of Halo 3 where they struck it off as a very underwhelming double-team of Halo Mavericks. He finally hit his stride when they founded Impossible Brief several years later and now continues to bring his expert beady eye to the brands of many clients in the Music space and beyond. He continues to hope that one day he shall be able to have a working office with a giant life-size cow statue in the concourse. Till then, design and NFT’s are his focus.