Top Spot of the Week
Director Bruno Aveillan, Altmann + Pacreau Sound “The Cry” To Combat Animal Abuse
The Sound of Stories
Netflix wanted to celebrate all the passionate and sensitive viewers that share the same passion for great stories.
Floria Sigismondi Directs Meta’s New ‘Good Ideas Deserve to Be Found’ Spot via Droga5
Jake Nava, Alex Feil and Bruno Aveillan
Shortlisted for 2022 D&AD Awards
Director Daniel Skoglund
on His Love for Visual Storytelling and Expensive Cheese
April 2022 Newsletter
Hoj Jomehri’s Playlist
◄ Shots chatted with Believe Media director, music producer and DJ Hoj Jomehri about the future of the industry in the metaverse, his current real-life playlist rotation and a mysterious toaster.
Believe Media Sign Rising Star Bola Ogun to Roster
Director Jeff Darling Filmmaker & Friend
Jake Nava’s Remy Martin
“Team Up For Excellence – The Film” Earns Two Shots Awards Nominations
Jake Nava
Makes Glad’s New ForceFlex Plus a Fashion Party Statement Piece
announces US commercial representation for Fredrik Bäckar. Bäckar joined Believe Media’s UK roster in 2020 for directorial representation where he and UK executive producer James Covill teamed up to create a series of spots for Amazon Prime.→
Fredrik Bäckar Expands Directorial Representation to Believe Media US
Believe Media’s
‘Above Boy’ Oglala Lakota Sioux Nation Documentary Makes Film Festival Premiere

Alex Feil Named Top 5 Director via AdForum

The sound of a good story
Paola Kudacki Uses Film-Grained Photographs to Capture America Ferrera for CoverGirl
Paola Kudacki discusses Foo Fighters “Shame Shame” music video
Music Video
for Opijata Okanko Chipps Offers a Glimpse into ‘Rez Life’
Woman Meets Future Selves in Criteo Super Bowl LVI Spot by Floria Sigismondi
January 2022
Little Black Book
Believe Media Relocates LA Office to Historic Larchmont Village Bungalow
Kathryn Ferguson Highlights a Belfast Women’s Center for The Guardian Documentary ‘Space To Be’
Believe Media
Signs Hoj Jomehri